If you have given DVD burning software a try, by now you must have learned that the best software always comes with a price tag attached. You must have gone through tones of freeware available on the internet but found them just not up to the task i.e. lacking at least a couple of features which the perfect DVD burner should have.

For people like you, there is some much deserved good news. Your search for the perfect DVD burner is now over, if you move fast. WinX DVD Author, an amazing DVD burner, is being offered for absolutely free!


The software usually comes with a price of US$ ~30 but if you download it by October 31st, you can enjoy the burner for absolutely nothing! So let us have a deeper look into this amazing burner.

The setup file to be downloaded is a mere 10 MB large. Once you have it installed and running, here is how it looks like:


Notice how straightforward the controls are. The three options on the right give you the ability to convert video files of various formats into VOB file, compile the VOB files onto a DVD disk, or convert your video files and burn them into a DVD player compatible DVD in a single move. If you do not have a blank DVD at hand, for the time being you can simply convert your video files into VOB, and save the VOB to be burned later.

The options can be accessed by clicking on the button located at the bottom left:


The user can also use portions of a video file to be converted by specifying the start and stop time to be converted. By doing so, and using WinX DVD Author’s feature of batch video converting (converting simultaneous videos) you can have a resultant VOB / DVD video which only contains the best parts of the original videos!

While forming a DVD disc which is compatible on DVD players, you can also form customized menus with your own background pictures and menu fields. This is the perfect way to your DVDs a personal touch.

The user can adjust the image ratio (so you the resultant DVD can be played either on widescreen or standard TV), video format (not only can you burn in the American format, NTSC, but also the overseas supported format, PAL), and the DVD type (you can even burn on DVDs with capacities of 8200MB). You can also set the time for the DVD menus.

The video formats this amazing burner supports include (amongst others) AVI, ASF, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, MOV, RM, RMVB, XIVD, DVIX, H264, OGG, QT, and FLV. Similarly, some of the disc formats supported are DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD DL+R, and DVD DL+/-RW.

The simple interface will surely put the novice users at ease. If you are looking for a better DVD burner then the one you are using, WinX DVD Author is the only answer. But remember, October 31st is the final date: so hurry!

Download here!