In its latest virus database update AVG has started to block the music program Spotify, and reports it as a threat. This is a so-called false positive, so there obviously is a code in Spotify that trigger the anti-virus program AVG to react.

Temporary fix

If you have downloaded Spotify from and if you haven’t altered the files in any way, you should therefore be out of the danger zone.

One way to avoid that AVG is blocking Spotify, until AVG comes up with a fix, is to follow the instructions below:

  1. Start AVG user interface (right click on AVG in system tray)
  2. Select components -> resident shield
  3. Select click manage exceptions
  4. Select Excluded files, click Add
  5. Browse over to c:\Program Files\Spotify\spotify.exe and select the file then click open
  6. spotify.exe appears in the list with a selected tickbox – click apply

Done, that should solve it for now.

You can follow the development in the AVG forum.

I’ve come across a few people today that had this issue, but the solution above did the trick for all of them.