The latest post on EA’s Battlefield blog has seemingly confirmed a pre-release demo for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. News of a demo’s release first reached us several months ago when the PlayStation 3 and PC betas were announced, though any kind of release window has been unclear until now.

“See you on the PC Beta (Jan 28th), Console Demo (TBD), and then the real deal Battlefield (Mar 2nd & 5th 2010) that will rock your souls!” series producer Gordon Van Dyke wrote, indicating that the demo will precede the game’s release. Any mention of a PC demo is curiously absent though, even though it was announced along with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. We’ve reached out to EA to see if there’s been a change of plans.

Here’s a video from the closed Beta that just got shot down.

Credit: Thecompanyhub/Shadowland