Music enthusiast develops an entirely new kind of musical experience with what can best be described as an all-digital electric guitar.

Michael writes on his website, Misa Digital, that he is “obsessed with digital guitars” but that he also loves electric guitars.

“A guitar string is ‘beautiful’ – because the sound generated comes from the very vibration of the string, interfering with a magnetic flux and inducing an electric voltage, which is then amplified. Why would you want to emulate that?”, Michael asks on his site.

“It is perfection. It is pure nature. It is in the analog domain.
I did not intend the MISA’s digital guitar to replicate the traditional guitar,” he continues.

The reason for Misa Digutal Guitar is the limitations of a conventional guitar, Michael writes. With the left hand you select which notes to play and with the right hand how long they should sound. The problem is when you want to mix in effects, something that usually is done with pedals, or with your right hand and then disturbs the musician.

With the digital guitar you use the touch-sensitive pad to control the filter that is being used.

The guitar actually uses Gentoo Linux. On Michael says that he first considered using Linux from scratch, but then thought it would take too long. Gentoo was more ready from the start, was still very small and started quickly.

Read more about the Misa Digital Guitar on Gentoo Linux and Misa Digital.

Watch a cool video of the guitar in use here:

Misa Digital Guitar Demo