Microsoft has now launched the beta version of a Silverlight client for Facebook.

The client will be available for both Windows and OS X users, and will require Silverlight 4 to be installed.

Full overview

A simple link will be posted on the web version, which then opens in a separate window. Here you get a full overview of the news feed, photos, videos and notifications from Facebook.

You can also drag and drop photos to easily share with Facebook friends. In addition, you can upload images from your webcam.

Similar to previous applications

This client is similar to an application Microsoft demonstrated last April, which they called “Silver Face”. Microsoft also released a Facebook Client for Windows 7 in November last year, which goes under the name “Fish Bowl”.

Get more info and download the client here.

Here’s a video that explains the installation procedure using Silverlight 4 beta.

Facebook Desktop Client (Silverlight)