Yoono Firefox Add-on

The importance of web browser among all other installed applications is increases day by day. And of course Firefox keeps a fair amount of browser market share. There is a Firefox addon which enable you to stay connected with all your social networking sites hence connected with all your friends when ever you open your browser. You can connect to Facebook, MySpace, Imeem, Twitter, Flickr, Friendfeed, Linkedin, MSN, AIM, GTalk and Yahoo Chat all at one place – Yoono.

Yoono in action

Yoono in action

Being a Firefox addon, it is platform independent and works with Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OSX.
There is a desktop version for Yoono. But its only available for Windows and Mac OSX. It is useful for those who are not using Firefox frequently.

* Connect to all your social networks and never miss another status update from friends or family. You’re connected wherever you are on the web.
* Update your status across all your social networks at the same time.
* All your IM services right in your browser sidebar to easily chat while your surf the web – no more logging on to multiple services.
* Easily share links, images, and video from the page you are viewing with all your social networks at the same time.

* Share in your IM conversations by dragging and dropping links, images and video from the page you are viewing
* It’s a single, dead simple way to share anything from anywhere you are on the web.
* Discover recommended websites, videos, images, products and more – all related to the site you are viewing – in the Discovery widget.

* Highlight words in the web page yourself to discover related Google search results, Wikipedia entries, videos, and more. Yoono also highlights keywords in the web page you’re viewing for quick access to Discoveries

Yoono Desktop (Mac & Windows)

Seamlessly view and update your status on almost every social networking site with Yoono Desktop.

Yoono, the client that mashes together multiple social networking feeds into a single app, has released their desktop client for Mac and Windows. This is some important realeases for two reasons: the addition of a major social network, and the ability to manage multiple accounts on the same network.

Yoono Desktop Manages All Your Social Networks

The Facebook icon in Yoono is represented by your Facebook profile photo rather than a company logo.

The network newly added is LinkedIn. A popular social networking site for business users, LinkedIn allows people to network together strictly to further their careers. Its suggestions for building connections are more stringent than those of, say, Facebook.

The second new feature to Yoono is the ability to have multiple accounts running from a single social network. This is useful if you manage more than one account–for instance, a personal account and one or more for your business. These accounts appear as new icons at the far end of the list. It would be nice if multiple accounts from the same network were adjacent, or better yet, within the same icon and accessible via tab. It makes better UI sense when icons are per-network rather than per-account, per-network.

I did notice one bug when pop-up status updates were exceptionally long: The pop-up window’s border moved off-screen, so I couldn’t click the right arrow anymore. Yoono should consider truncating messages shown here to prevent this from happening. The same criticisms of the previous Yoono version still apply here: unlike competitor Seesmic, Yoono has chosen to use a single-feed UI with buttons, rather than multiple columns at once. There is currently no option to display columns side by side. This single-column format requires either reading the all-in-one feed, which is sometimes inconvenient, or doing a lot of clicking back and forth between the individual feeds. Many standalone Twitter clients let you run your multiple accounts side by side, and it would be nice to have that as an option here.

Otherwise, Yoono is a nice choice for the pure social network breadth it contains. Seesmic, for one, works only with Facebook and Twitter and nothing else. If you’ve got a good reason to have an account at several places, and want to look at them all easily, Yoono is the way to go. And since LinkedIn support is rare (the programming interface was just released), it’s nice to have that integration.

Credit: Hallowdemonlive/MSN Tech & Gadgets/Shadowland