You can get Hotmail to pull data from Facebook, get the mail program on your mobile and use Hotmail as a substitute for Messenger. Here are 10 things you might not know about Hotmail.

1. Gather all your email accounts in Hotmail
It is possible to add your Gmail, TDC mail or other POP3 mail to Hotmail. You simply enter your user name, password and mail server, then all your emails will be collected in your Hotmail. All emails will get a color code that you choose, so that it is easier to see what accounts they come from.

2. Hotmail has infinite storage space
When you reach the limit, Hotmail automatically gives you more storage space.

3. Use Hotmail offline
Download Windows Live Mail so you can read and write emails when you are offline. Then when you come back on line, Windows Live Mail automatically synchronizes your emails. Download it here:

4. POP3
Hotmail supports POP3, so you can use your email client on both PC and mobile phone.

5. Hotmail on your mobile
If you have a mobile browser you can use to get Hotmail on your mobile.

6. Hotmail keeps track of your appountments
At the bottom of the Hotmail menu you will find the calendar. You can easily add appointments and share your calendar with others. Different calendars gets their own color.

7. No spam
Hotmail has introduced sender ID, which means almost no spam.

8. Chat in hotmail
Hotmail has got webmessenger so you can chat directly in Hotmail. If you’re at work or other places where you can not or will not install Messenger, just use Hotmail instead.

9. Search all your emails
With the search function you can search across folders, so it’s quick and easy to find just the email you are looking for.

10. Facebook in Hotmail
Add Facebook as a web activity, and follow your friends activities on Facebook in Hotmail. It can be done here: