Microsoft has released the controversial update to stop pirated versions of Windows 7.

Last week Microsoft announced that they will release an update for Windows 7 to be able to detect over 70 different pirate methods. The update that in fact is optional is now starting beeing sent out to users through Windows Update.

The name of the update is very sublime and is entitled “Security Update for Windows 7 KB971033”. A description of the update can be found on this page.

This update for Windows Activation Technologies helps detect validation errors and activation exploits. This update also detects any tampering attempts made to important Windows 7 system files. Be aware that some counterfeit copies of Windows include malware.

However, there is no detailed information about the 70 different pirate methods that Microsoft mentioned earlier. The update is marked as important, which means that users who has set Windows to update automatically will get the update installed even though it’s optional.

Users who are running a pirated version of Windows 7 and install the update will get their background image on the desktop switched to a black background and will also get several warning messages to inform them that it is an illegal copy of Windows 7.

The last few days Microsoft has got a lot of criticism saying that this type of piracy control is a threat to user privacy. This update enables the operating system to periodically send information about the user’s operating system to Microsoft.