Battlefield 3 has been mentioned, but not officially announced by EA. There are no information or screenshots from the game, so these rumours are all we have so far.

This is from an interview with Fredrik Liliegren, who was head of Battlefield developer DICE until the year 2000, and he ran the company’s Canada studio until 2006. So this is a guy who knows what plans the company has had for the Battlefield series.

This is what he told Gaming Union:

Gaming Union: How do you think the Battlefield series has developed since you left DICE?

Liliegren: Well I knew that they were going to the console route because the numbers on the PC where dwindling. I know what they were talking about on the PC side for [the next] Battlefield, and they haven’t announced any of that yet, after three years, so I know what’s coming, and I still can’t talk about it because I’m still under NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

I mean Battlefield Heroes is something that we talked about back when even Jeff [Evans] was working at DICE, in regards of taking Battlefield into a micro-transaction type model. We actually worked on that initial prototype for that here in Canada, just to see how we would split it up from a design standpoint.

I think for the console side, the first outing on [Xbox] 360 and PS2 and Xbox was really weak because we didn’t have a single player experience. I think that Bad Company 2 is going to be really good because I think these guys are really smart and they learned the lesson. What the PC version is going to be, Battlefield 3, I think it’s going to absolutely blow everyone away, but I can’t tell you what it is, but it will blow people away.

GU: Even after 3 years?

Liliegren: That’s why it’s going to blow people away, because it’s not Modern Warfare 2 PC, it’s not that experience.

That’s it! Rumours…

So, while we wait for more, don’t forget to get your hands on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 that is released next week.

Heres the Official E3 trailer: