Eyvind Brynildsen and Mads Østberg from Norway are both among the chosen few rally drivers who are part of the new WRC game coming in stores this fall.

– It’s obviously an honor to be a part of it, since it is the most acclaimed rally game out there. There are only a few drivers from each class, which is chosen to be included, says Eyvind Brynildsen to Moss Avis.

Mads Østberg is also very proud to be part of the game.

– It’s a game we have played ourself earlier, so of course it’s fun to be a part of it, he comments. -This is a game that is sold worldwide, and sold in millions of copies, so it’s obviously exciting to be included in the game. In addition it is good branding, continues Østberg who admits that he probably will be spending a bit more time in front of the TV after the games release. – I’m not the person who plays the most PlayStation in general, but I probably will play this game when it’s released.

Brynildsen has already received good feedback to the fact that he is included in the game, and belives it is positive for both himself and the city of Moss.

– The game will be very realistic, and both me and Mads are easy to recognize. It’s not every day two people from Moss gets to be part of a computer game, so it’s probably a little fun for the city as well, he says.

Brynildsen also think this could help to make the sponsorship work a bit easier.

– At least in terms of international sponsors. This is a game that is sold worldwide. Several possible sponsors I have talked with are considering entering into an agreement with me because of the game, he explains.

– I do not know much about it yet, but I’ll see how it develops. It’s obviously fun for sponsors as well to participate in a game. It could be an advantage in the future, Østberg agrees.

FIA World Rally Championship fans will soon get the opportunity to take on the off-road challenges of the WRC in the upcoming game from Black Bean called WRC: FIA World Rally Championship.

According to the official press release, Simon Long, ISC CEO commented the following about the game:

“The official WRC game will engage a whole new audience for the sport and we’re tremendously excited at the opportunities to grow our fan base and the profile of the WRC. It provides a hugely powerful touch point for us in which to showcase the WRC to consumers, and it will be the most realistic and playable rally game of all time. We chose to work with Black Bean Games because they have a proven track record making top level games with the official license in two-wheel motorsport.”

There is not too much info about the game yet, but it is assumed to be released in September 2010 for PS3, Xbox360 and PC. Read more about the game and see the press release in this previous coverage.