The game Modern Warfare 2 broke, as expected, all records when it was launched last fall. Not entirely surprising there is now rumours of a new game in the series, the seventh, coming in 2010.

Where does it take place?

Activision mentioned it for the first time during its investor meeting yesterday. Investor Meetings tend not to offer details about gameplay, so we can only speculate about what the next Call of Duty will offer. We assume that Treyarch is responsible for the development, and previous rumors have hinted about the ame taking place in Vietnam.

The company admits, however, that they do not expect beat the sales record of Modern Warfare 2 with the new game. They still think they will accomplish relatively good sales.

Other games that are on the way

During the meeting, Activision also confirmed that a new Guitar Hero game is coming this year, as well as DJ Hero 2. They will still limit the number of music games in the future. More Tony Hawk, James Bond and Spiderman are also in the works.

Source: IT Avisen