You can actually already now install version 4.4 of KDE on Fedora, openSUSE and Kubuntu. Usually, you have to wait until the next version of your favorite distribution to see the new goodies in KDE. KDE 4.4 has now made available the third release candidate of its software and the final version is scheduled for release early next week.

Those who don’t have the patience to wait can install the experiential software archives for KDE 4.4 of its Linux distribution.

On the blog Hacker’s Ramblings, Ryan Rix describes how you can either add the KDE archive in Fedora or download the ISO, a Fedora Spin, and install from a USB stick.

On the blog, Ben Kevan explains how to add the software archive in openSUSE and Kubuntu.

For more details on the improvements in KDE 4.4 RC3, visit