The Samsung netbook N220 allows you to surf while your computer starts.

With Samsung’s new netbook N220 you will be connected to the Internet as soon as you start it up. Just lift the lid and the computer is started in an instant. The N220 has two operating systems. Parallel to Windows 7 the computer is equipped with a small operating system, which has its own browser. So while Windows 7 boot in the background, you can surf the net while you wait.

The N220 is also equipped with an anti-theft solution called Failsafe. When the thief tries to connect the stolen computer to the internet it checks the computer’s status against a database. If the computer is rapported as stolen it automatically notifies the owner of the IP address and the wireless network data. By doing that, it reveals where the computer is located and the computer’s built-in webcam also takes a picture of the thief. Then the computer’s operating system shuts itself down and a new one can not be downloaded. The hard drive erases itself, including passwords and login information. In other words, the N220 becomes useless so the thief can not use it or sell it. How cool is that?

The N220 comes with a full-size spill-proof keyboard and a 10.1-inch LED display. It features the new Intel Atom N450 processor and a six-cell 5600mAh battery that has a battery life of up to twelve hours. It has a 250GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM. It weighs 1.31Kg.