The Release Candidate version of Windows 7 will soon turn off your computer for every two hours. In June the screen turns black.

Those of you who still use Windows 7 RC should consider going back to what you used before, or purchase a license for Windows 7. In March the trouble starts for the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

Black screen ahead!

Starting in March, the computer will begin turn itself off every two hours to remind you that the Windows version you
are using is no longer valid.
In June you will be greeted with black screen when the operating system is supposed to load. Microsoft hopes that people who tried the Windows 7 in the test period would buy a license after the launch, which also was one of the main reasons why several test versions were open to everyone.

It should not come as a surprise that Windows 7 RC turns itself off, since Microsoft has released information about this issue from the start.