The latest version of Avira AntiVir adds ‘cloud-based’ detection and simplifies administration by, among other things, introducing one-click malware removal.

With several new features and easier administration, Avira AntiVir 10 is ready to protect your PC better than what it already does. Avira AntiVir Proactiv, which is a blocking component related to programs behavior is in place. The program monitors the activity on your computer, and as soon as suspicious behavior is detected, it blocks the program that is causing it.

Even in cases where malware is still unknown, the user can take part in the Avira Community and send the sample to the Avira Malware Research for a thorough analysis (applies for Premium and Premium Security Suite users). The result will be available for all versions of Avira – even the free Personal Edition. This new protective cloud technology detects and immobilize new viruses as soon as they appear.

The program has also been equipped with something they call “generic repair”. Instead of just deleting the malicious file when there is no special routine for repairs, Avira AntiVir will delete the file and also clean the registry and file system from further rubbish that the virus may have left behind in the system. This ensures for example that a computer is still bootable when malware is removed.

The payed versions have in addition extended the parental control feature, by allowing parents to monitor what their children do and see online, and by defining surf times and days. You can see the difference between the versions and the prices in the picture below.

The virus scanner, Luke Filewalker, has not improved its speed in this new release. Luke Fileewalker is the window who appears when you perform a scan. It shows  you in real time the actions, the statistics and the viruses found. When Avira Guard is active and the software find a virus on your computer, a pop-up window will appear and will ask you what do you want to do with that file (delete, access denied, move to quarantine, etc).

Visit and Avira AntiVir website to download!

Translated with permission from ITpro