Microsoft Flight Simulator X can get much better graphics with satellite pictures from Google Earth.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is so advanced that it is perfectly possible to learn to fly with it. The graphics are also very good with realistic landscapes and 3D models of buildings. But the flight and satellite images in Google Earth is often a lot sharper.

Many attempts have been made to integrate the two programs but none have succeeded yet. The company Planet In Action in New Zealand now claims that they have developed a software that brings the scenery from Google Earth to Microsofts flight simulator and it is supposed to give a very good result.

The project is called GEVision and will be presented at the Google IO conference held in late May in San Francisco. But there is still no information if and when GEVision becomes a commercial product.

An important question is whether the images from Google Earth are to fully replace the graphics in Flight Simulator. There are details in the flight simulator that far exceeds what Google Earth offers. For example, the often very detailed 3D models of various airports. Or clouds and other weather phenomena that make flights very realistic.