The biggest criticisms of the Linux distribution Ubuntu has been the choice of colors. This issue is solved in the next distribution.

Ubuntu has since its first release had brown, earthy tones in its Linux distribution (see above). But brown is a color that might be difficult to like for many people. And on some occasions the background image in Ubuntu has been so ugly that users actually reported it as a bug. In addition to changing color on the theme, Ubuntu made a few new logos and I’ve added them below. They also made some new community logos that can be found here.

In the next version of Ubuntu, “Lucid Lynx”, there will be lighter colors. “Lucid Lynx” is the code name for Ubuntu 10.04, scheduled for release in April 2010. Obviously the new light themes are going to reflect Ubuntu’s brand and colors. Take a look at this screenshot.

Judging by this new theme Ubuntu clearly has had some inspiration from Mac OS X. Compare the picture above (Ubuntu) with the one below (OS X) to see what I mean. Do you see the similarity? Never the less, it looks great, doesn’t it?

More information and pictures of the new logos and colors of Ubuntu can be found on the Ubuntu Wiki page.