HP Slate has something that IPAD doesn’t, support for Flash.

The manufacturer makes that very clear in their advertising. These videos will try to sell HP’s tablet PC Slate to customers by using Flash as an argument. They show several examples of various advantages that Flash offers when the computer is used to surf the web.

Apple has continued to refuse to deliver Flash support for their iPhone and also for the IPAD, and earlier this year Steve Jobs reportedly called Adobe lazy during an internal meeting.

In HP’s commercials, however, it is explained how 75 percent of all videos online is using Flash and that 85 percent of the internets most popular sites are using Flash in some way. This can be seen as a clear attack on Apple’s iPad.

In this first video Alan Tam from Adobe Flash Product Marketing walks us through Adobe Flash and Adobe Air functionalities on HP’s upcoming slate device.

In this second video Phil McKinney gives us a bit more info of what the HP Slate is about.