Microsoft has demonstrated a development version of Internet Explorer 9 with much focus on built-in support for video and better graphics.

The early version of Internet Explorer 9, which Microsoft now has made available to developers, delivers support for HTML 5 and processors with built-in graphics capabilities. Microsoft believes that both follow the current standards and can give your browser a big boost on with regards to graphics.

Michael Bohlin, Microsoft AB Product Marketing Manager for Windows in Sweden, can not comment on when the first real beta version of Internet Explorer 9 will be available.

On the other hand, he knows what Microsoft will give priority in future updates.

– We will clearly focus on giving developers ability to use HTML 5, Michael Bohlin says to Computer Sweden.

For now the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 9 has very little features, but it will give developers an insight into how webpages will be developed in the future.

Internet Explorer 9 is based on a script engine that Microsoft calls Chakra. It has features to handle JavaScript in the background through separate cores in processors. It will relieve your browser, and by doing that it will be able to quicker present graphics and moving images. Support for HTML 5 also means that you can run movies and animations without the need for installing separate Flash or Silverlight plugins.

– It is interesting to see how Microsoft, which has not previously shown a very large interest in HTML 5 now seems to be driven by that standard, said Sheri McLeish, an analyst at Forrester Research, to Network World.

Sheri McLeish believes that Microsoft’s renewed interest may involve the development of HTML 5 standard to accellerate. That should in turn be appreciated by Web developers so that they may develop for multiple platforms simultaneously. But despite the fact that it is a finished standard it is likely to take few years to include support for HTML 5 as a key component in several competing browsers.

The development of Internet Explorer 9 is made by a completely new team, which further demonstrates Microsoft’s change of direction and commitment to implement a complete change of your browser.

Microsoft promises new updates to the developer version every two months until the first beta version will be available for download. Meanwhile you can download and test the early version of Internet Explorer 9 here!

Source: Computer Sweden