Microsoft has warned of a fake version of its security software Microsoft Security Essentials. It calls itself Security Essentials 2010 and can be difficult to remove.

Those who are tricked into installing the program soon discover that they can no longer access some safety sites. It will not be possible to run some processes that could reveal the Security Essentials as the malware it is.

One of the signs that Security Essentials 2010 is not genuine is that it requires money from the user. It argues that the first version that the user was tricked into downloading is just a trial version.

According to Microsoft the fake program downloads files of the type Win32/Alureon and a Layered Service Provider component.

The last one monitors traffic to and from the web browser a user may have installed and blocks different domains, David Wood writes on the Microsoft blog.

Microsofts securityprogram, Microsoft Security Essentials is free to use and can be downloaded here!