William W. Bunten, Mayor of Topeka, the capital of Kansas, have decided to rename the town to Google.

The name change is only for the month of March and can be seen on the city’s official website, where they have replaced their own logo with a colorful Google logo. Well, at least they had first time I checked, but as I write this, they’ve changed it back.

It’s no coincidence that Topeka has decided to change the name.
Google is looking for cities for a pilot project with 1 Gbit fiber broadband and Topeka hope that they will be chosen among the candidates. Topeka also call themselves the “fiber capital”.

Among the other candidates in the Google project is also Seattle in Washington State, but it seems doubtful that they will follow the example of Topeka and rename the city to Google. Not least because Google’s biggest rival, Microsoft, is located right in the neighborhood.

Google presented their plans for a pilot project with very fast Internet connections last month. Cities in the United States may apply to this project until 26 March. The winners winners will be published in the coming months.

Good luck, Topeka! Or is it Google?