The British newspaper The Sun will print pictures and ads in stereoscopic 3D. Sun readers will receive a pair of 3D glasses with the paper.

The newspaper The Sun, published in Britain,  are not primarily known for profound lyrics. But now all images in the paper will have real depth. In a special edition, that will be published June 5, both ads and editorial content will be printed as 3D images. Including the popular pinup on page 3, according to Media Week.

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The newspapers circulation is normally around three million copies a day. But the 3D edition is expected to be printed in an extra large amount, according to Media Week. And anyone who buys the paper gets a couple of 3D glasses with it.

That the newspaper chose the date June 5 for this edition, is due to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa the following week. It will be filmed in 3D for the first time. Up to 25 of the games will be captured using 3D cameras. One of the 3D images in the 3D edition will be a big poster fow the World Cup that can be put up on the wall.