Apple’s CEO and founder explains why the company chose to block Flash from iPad and iPhone.

Steve Jobs explains point by point why he and by extension, also Apple believes that Flash does not belong on mobile phones. The biggest problem with Flash is that it is not created specifically for the iPhone. With a layer between software and the iPhone’s application programming interfaces, it is up to Adobe to build in support for new technologies. Adobe has not shown sufficient interest in this, since compatibility with as many phones as possible has been priority, says Steve Jobs.

Other arguments are that Flash is unstable and according to Apple’s own experiences by far the most common reason for a Mac program to crash. Flash is also a closed platform that is fully controlled by Adobe, unlike open web standards like HTML 5 and JavaScript. Battery life is another important point. According to Steve Jobs battery life is less than half for video playback with a solution based on Flash.

In addition, most Flash sites are created with a PC using a mouse in mind, meaning that the cursor is a central feature in Flash. Since the iPhone’s touchscreen has no equivalent in order to bring the cursor over an item, most Flash websites must be rewritten.