The web browser Opera has now released a new version for Mac OS X. Among other things it includes a much faster javascript engine.

Opera Software has announced that they have released the first official version of Opera 10.52 to Mac. Compared with the previous version the browser  is said to be ten times as fast. According to the developers themselves it is the fastest browser ever built for Mac.

This is what’s new in opera 10.52:

  • The browser is now fully coded in Cocoa
  • Support for multi-touch
  • New fast javascript engine (Carakan)
  • Enhanced support for HTML 5 and CSS 3 (you can watch videos on Youtube without installing Flash)
  • Enhanced graphics handling
  • Improved interface with toolbar integrated (“unified toolbar”)
  • Ability to browse the internet anonymously (“private browsing”)
  • The program’s widgets can now be used as a standalone applications
  • Less annoying dialog boxes
  • Built-in search in the address bar
  • Controls for zoom
  • Support for messages via Growl

Download Opera 10.52 for Mac here.