The countdown to this year’s WWDC has begun for sure, and with 99.9 percent probability we get to see Steve Jobs announce a new model of iPhone.

On June 7, Apple is expected to present the next model of iPhone, on this years WWDC. So it is time to summarize the recent revelations and rumors about the most talked about mobile phone these days.

First, we notice that Apple will change the design. Judging by pictures of prototypes the rounded backside will be dropped.

In terms of size, the new model will be 3.5 millimeters less in width and 2.5 mm shorter in depth. However, it is 1 mm longer in hight. The back is said to be of glass, something that will surely increase sales of protective cases.

The mobile phone will be available in two colors, probably black and white. Unlike current white models the front frame will also be white.

Furthermore, the new iPhone will require micro-sim, which leads those who are forced to use their old sim card to pick up the scissors. The card is inserted into the right-hand side as seen below.

The monitor comes equipped with an IPS panel of high quality. Among other things, we can expect higher resolution (960×640?) and better viewing angle than the current models.

With regards to the inside, the new cell phone is said to be equipped with Apple’s A4 1.0 gigahertz processor. The amount of memory is said to be 256 megabytes, but there are rumors that there might be 512 megabytes on the top model.

The basic model will be equipped with a storage capacity of 16 gigabytes. Then there will be models with 32 and 64 gigabytes.

Apple is said to have chosen a larger battery type, which should mean that we can expect longer battery life.

At last there is news of a better camera (5 megapixels?) with flash. And there is even a camera in the front, making it possible to video chat.

As for software, the new iPhone is shipped with iPhone OS 4.0, which means more than 100 new or improved features. For example, it will offer expanded support for multitasking, folders, support for Bluetooth keyboards and digital zoom.

The name of the new model has not yet been announced. The hottest candidate is believed to be “iPhone HD”. The media has “iPhone 4G” used frequently, but that name will most likely not be used officially. Among other things, given that the handset will not have the support of the 4G network. (The reason that the media chose the name “iPhone 4G” is that it is the fourth-generation iPhone).

Finally there is the question about the price tag. Probably, it will be the same price as the iPhone 3GS. The 3GS is likely to become the new budget model, just like the iPhone 3G is today. (As for the iPhone 3G, it is said that the production of the model have been stopped and it’s just a matter of time before the sale ends).

Translated from: MacWorld