Black Bean Games has finally launched the official website for the upcoming FIA World Rally Championship game.
WRC announces official cooperation with iOpener

The Milan-based videogames publisher Black Bean Games, and their in-house development studio Milestone, first announced the official WRC videogame at the official WRC Season Launch in Paris last year. The game is scheduled for release around the world in Autumn 2010 on PlayStation 3. And now, finally the official website is up and running.

Not much info is released yet, but at last years Motor Sport Business Forum in Monaco, ISC chairman Neil Duncanson disclosed some new details of the game currently being developed by Milestone.

“From September next year we’ll be back in the gaming marketplace,” Duncanson commented. “We haven’t been there since 2005. For the rally fans, they’ve been short-changed. There is no definitive rally video game out there right now, so we’re going to come back with a bang, delivering the ultimate in off-road racing.

This will be all of the official cars on all of the official tracks, and because we own and deliver the timing systems and all of the satellite GPRS solutions, we’re able to give you the real version of rallying, delivered to your gaming platform.

The holy grail is to deliver a real, simultaneous live race experience where you’ll be able to go after Sebastien Loeb at the same time on the same stage, and compare your performance against his. In addition you’ll be able to have his live on-board camera footage integrated into the live game-play experience.”

Sounds awsome, right? This is also confirmed by iOpener Media on their website:

After rumours in both the world of motorsports as well as videogames  have  been persisting, the global promoter for the FIA World Rally Championship, North One Sport, iOpener Media and Black Bean Games have agreed to make a public announcement. The partners will work together to collect a continuous stream of positioning and telemetry data from the cars competing on WRC rallies.

Andy Lürling, CEO of iOpener, says: “Together we aim to configure North One Sport’s systems and iOpener’s patented technology to capture high accuracy live action GPS which can then be integrated into the next generation of WRC video games.”

The Gulf Horizon Group, chaired by Mr. Saeed Mohammed Saeed Al Badi, has also confirmed its involvement. Click here to read the press release and here for the official press release kit.

Key features of the game:

  • The World of WRC. The official locations, the official cars, the official drivers and co-drivers. Everything is designed to give the player the sensation of taking part in the real championship as they race against their heroes.
  • Huge career mode creates ultimate satisfaction when the player wins the championship after a long and challenging road to the top!
  • Unique offline and online game modes
  • 13 different locations around the world
  • Realistic physics model
  • Advanced car tuning that allows players to find the best settings for every single stage
  • Breathtaking graphics for drivers, co-drivers, cars, tracks and environments
  • Visually stunning car damage effects
  • Full 3D cockpit and dashboards
  • Much more to come…

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