Google Chrome has got a big update with support for a variety of HTML5 elements. Here are some of the news in Google Chrome 5.0.

Google Chrome for Mac and Linux is out of the beta stage and has reached version 5. The same version number as the HTML standard that is now implemented.

Among some of the news in Google Chrome 5 is a “Drag and drop” feature, that lets you drag and drop documents from your computer into your browser and it works the same way as if the website were a normal program or window. This feature is already implemented on websites like Gmail and Scribd.

Support for Web Sockets is an additional function in HTML5 that you find in Google Chrome. This will speed up queries over the internet. Instead of the usual HTTP requests with large data of address information, the Web Socket maintains a connection to the server and is therefore considerably faster.

You will also find support for Geolocation. This technology allows a webpage to, with your consent, collect information about the location of the current user to tailor the information.

In comparison with the beta version the new Chrome is missing the Adobe Flash add-on. Google plans to build in Flash when version 10.1 of the Flash player is released.

Google developers Evan Stade and Elliot Glaysher writes on The Chronium Blog that from now on they keep the same focus on Linux as on Windows.

Going forward, we are committed to continuing to deliver all the security, performance, and features (old and new) of Google Chrome for Windows, while integrating as seamlessly as possible with the Linux desktop ecosystem on a variety of popular Linux distributions.

According to the analyst company Net Applications, Chrome became the third largest browser in April, with a market share of 6.7 percent.

Download Google Chrome 5.0 from the following links: