Word of Killzone 3’s announcement spread like wildfire through the internet last week, and now a video showing some of the gameplay has been leaked.

Sony officially announced their upcoming game Killzone 3 last week, and released 3 screenshots where we can see the jet-pack that will make its entrance. Here are the official screenshots:

All the screenshots are from an arctic map, but Sony also promises that we will be able to “trudge through toxic nuclear wastelands, get lost in a lethal alien jungle, fight in bitter arctic conditions and take the battle into space.”

The website Kotaku has published a video showing some gameplay (and a man with a hat) that has now been leaked on Youtube. In case they decide to remove it, I have uploaded it to another site. Check it out below:

For the latest news about Killzone 3 check out Killzone Command Center, and you can also expect to hear more about the game at Sony’s E3 Conference.