Zynga, which created the Facebook games Farmville, Mafia Wars and Cafë World, valued at more than 4 billion U.S. dollars.

American Zynga Game Network, the maker of popular online social games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars, filed documents authorizing it to sell roughly 2 million preferred shares at a price that gives the company an implied value of more than $4 billion. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The documents authorizes Zynga to sell so-called preferred shares, which later can be converted into common stock, at a price of $12.87 per share. That values the company at about $4.6 billion based on the roughly 360 million shares outstanding.

Zynga was founded in 2007 and claims to have about 235 million users worldwide. The sale of shares comes just months after the company brought in $180 million in capital from Russian Digital Sky Technologies, the venture capitalist firm that previously invested $200 million in Facebook, which last week bought ICQ instant messaging client for $187,5 by AOL.

Source: IDG.se