At first glance, the Cyborg R.A.T. models look like spaceships, but on closer inspection they are actually high-end gaming mice.

Serious gamers always look for the accessories that could give them an advantage over their rivals.Cyborg has got three new gaming mice, that just might make a difference. Appearance-wise as they look to be from another planet, but there is obviously a reason for the alien design, and the reason is ergonomics.

Meet the R.A.T.s:

R.A.T. 3 offers advanced features, like quick shift of four custom DPI settings up to 3200 DPI, which allows you to choose between speed and precision. The mouse has three programmable buttons and the usual two, left and right. You can set the button’s sensitivity and you have 15 commands at your disposal. Of course, you can create profiles for different games.

R.A.T. 5 is made of metal and has all the features from R.A.T. 3, plus a few others. The mouse offers higher resolution, up to 4000 DPI, and a special system for aiming, which allows you to hold a Precision Aim button to temporarily slow down the movement for improved accuracy. Here you have five programmable buttons plus the usual left and right. On the ergonomic level, you can fine-tune the height and weight of the mouse.

R.A.T. 7 is, naturally, equipped with every function of R.A.T. 5, and then some. In addition to the length , the grip can be adjusted using an adjustable thumb grip, three interchangeable palm rests and three interchangeable pinkie grips. A “twin eye” laser sensor provide a resolution of up to 5600 DPI.

There is also a wireless version of R.A.T. 7 called R.A.T. 9 which you can see here.

For more information about the R.A.T.s, check out Cyborg Gaming. Here you will find more photos, videos and prices.

It’s all a game 🙂

Source: IDG News