Last week, Sony announced what we had already suspected, namely that they would introduce a new subscription service for PSN.

The service will be available from June 29th, and if you choose to subscribe, you get more services that regular PSN users can not access. The service will cost 15 euros for 90 days and 50 euros for a whole year.

Each month you will get the opportunity to download a variety of commercial PSN games at no additional cost, including the PSX classics and “Mini’s” releases. You will have the opportunity to play these for as long as you subscribe, and Sony promises at least four games a month (a PSN game, two “Mini” games and a PSX classic).

You will also have the opportunity to test trials of selected commercial games (both blu-ray games and PSN releases) for free for up to one hour before you decide if you want to keep it. Furthermore, you can choose to have your console download everything from system updates and game patches to demos automatically, as soon as the content becomes available on PSN. Sony promises a series of offers and discounts exclusively for PlayStation Plus owners.

Sony also promises exclusive free content, like avatars and themes, as well as early access to beta testing of upcoming games. To make it more tempting to subscribe, Sony will distribute a free copy of LittleBigPlanet to all who sign up by August 3rd.

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