Now you can open documents and edit them in your mobile browser with Google Docs.

Google has announced that the company has made a mobile version of Google Docs Viewer, a web application that makes it possible to read and in some cases also edit the files that are accessible through the user’s Google Docs account.

The mobile version is based on the same solution, by making it possible for users of Gmail to open Word-based e-mail attachments directly in the browser.

Google Docs Viewer is officially supported by Android and iOS-based devices. It also allows users to upload PDF documents and Microsoft Office files like ppt, doc and docx in Google Docs, and display them in your web browser on your mobile later, without having to download it.

The mobile solution also makes it possible to edit cell values in a spreadsheet via the mobile browser. When viewing PDF files the user interface displays buttons, that allows the user to quickly switch from side to side and zoom.

You can try out this by opening your documents from in your mobile browser.

Source: Digi