The development of the downloadable Heavy Rain expansion has stopped, in favor of support for PlayStation Move.

When Heavy Rain was released, the plan was that it would be followed by a series of downloadable episodes. The first of these was an episode called The Taxidermist, and here the journalist Madison Page was sneaking around in the home of another scary person of the same type that we remember from the main game.

The next episode was supposed to deal with the origami-killer, but now it is uncertain whether this episode will ever be released. The developer Quantic Dream have in fact stopped the development, to benefit the upcoming update that makes Heavy Rain playable with PlayStation Move.

According to the website gameinformer, who has spoken with Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumière during E3, it is likely that the French developer will focus on his next project, rather than continue on the planned episode, when they are finished with the Move update.

If you haven’t got the game yet, then check out this video review: