EA showed fresh glimpses of several upcoming games on E3 2010, and among the titles that stand out are the new Medal of Honor.

As you probably know it is the team from Electronic Arts in LA that develops the singleplayer campaign, while the multiplayer part of the game is made in Sweden, by the Battlefield veterans in DICE.

During the press conference they showed a number of sequences from the multiplayer mode, on a map that is located in Kabul. The interesting thing is that DICE assembled 24 players on the stage (the consoles they played on was suddenly hoisted down from the ceiling), and they all played against each other in real time.

Not surprisingly, it seems that DICE have full control of what they are doing. It remains to bee seen, however, what actually separates Medal of Honor from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, since they look quite similar.

See the Medal of Honor E3 Multiplayer Trailer below:

Source: ITavisen