Apple has announced that the number of pre-orders of the new iPhone is breaking all previous records.

The interest in the iPhone 4 appears to be greater than anyone could have imagined. This morning AT&T’s online store collapsed, and Apple Store also had a lot of trouble.

Apple has released a statement, saying that despite all the difficulties, they have received more than 600.000 pre-orders. And that is in just one day. By comparison, it took three days to sell one million copies of the iPhone 3GS and 74 days to sell one million copies of the original iPhone.

According to the American company AT&T and the German company T-Mobile the pressure from customers are ten times higher now than before last year’s launch of the iPhone 3GS. In other words, there is a great risk that the supplies of the iPhone 4 will not be sufficiant.

If everything works as planned, the iPhone will be available in the four Nordic countries by the end of July. The question now is whether this objective can be met.