Now you can register your interest on Facebook for a sequel to the strategy game Crusader Kings.

The Swedish game company Paradox has many good strategy games on their resumè, and one of them is Crusader Kings. Now it appears that a sequel is coming, only Paradox has left it up to you to decide if it is coming or not.

Paradox have in fact launched a Facebook site, and promises that if the site gets 25,000 fans, they will announce Crusader Kings 2.

At the moment they are certainly nowhere near the magic number, since only 1481 have so far registered their interest in the sequel. This means that your vote counts!

Crusader Kings was originally launched in 2004 and is a great strategy game where you control a medieval king, and as usual with games of Paradox, the level of detail was very high.

Hopefully for fans of the original game, Paradox eventually can announce the sequel, with your help!