Apple has now presented the fourth model of the iPhone. The name of the new model is iPhone 4.

As expected, Apple announced a new model of iPhone today on the WWDC conference. Steve Jobs described the iPhone 4 as one of the most beautiful products ever to be released with tempered glass (reportedly 30 times more durable than plastic) on both the front and rear, and stainless steel on the sides.

The design has been created with geting the best reception possible in mind, so the antenna is embedded in the steel casing. It also offers dual microphones to reduce noise.

The iPhone 4 is 24 percent thinner than its predecessor, which is said to make it the
thinnest smart phone on the market. The thickness is 9.3 millimeters.

The rumours of better resolution turned out to be true, the new model offers 326 ppi, which is basically the limit of what our eyes can perceive. If we look at the number of pixels, it is now applicable to 960×640, which is four times as many as before.

As previously disclosed the screen contains an IPS panel, which ensures better color reproduction and viewing angle. As for the contrast the figures are reported to be 800:1, which is really good for a mobile phone. The previous model was 200:1.

The iPhone 4 is equipped with Apple’s new A4 1.0 gigahertz processor, which is the same processor that is found in iPad. Another similarity with the iPad is the choice of micro-sim, which is a smaller version of the sim card.

The new battery provides up to 40 percent more talk time, giving you seven hours instead of five. When browsing with 3G the battery life is 6 hours and at with WiFi it is 10 hours. If you are wathing videos the battery lasts for 10 hours and if you just listen to music it lasts for 40 hours. Standby time is 300 hours.

The camera offers a number of innovations, in addition to five megapixels it has built-in flash and digital zoom (5x). There is also a camera on the front for video chat.

Another good thing is that the new iPhone supports 802.11n, which among other things, allows file transfers to and from the iPhone at high speeds.

The iPhone also has a new built-in two-axis gyroscope, which combined with the iPhone’s accelerometer, will offer “much more precise movement,” and make games such as Jenga makes much more fun.

The new iPhone 4 will be available in two colors, black and white. The 16 gigabyte model will cost $199 and the 32 gigabyte model will cost $299.

Launch date is set for June 24 in the United States, France, Germany, Britain and Japan. Remaining countries will follow in the next months.

Apple has now updated their website with information and pictures.

Credit: MacWorld