The internet is full of funny and bizarre websites that will brighten up your day.

Here is a small collection of eight funny websites that you will hopefully find amusing. Obviously some of the photos are manipulated, but still a lot of fun to watch.

1. FAILBlog

FAILBlog is dedicated to finding strange formulations and error in everything from road signs to advertisements. The findings are then stamped “Fail”. This also applies for videos where people fall down stairs or just behave stupid. This is one of my favourite websites.

2. Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos is as you can guess, all about strange family photos, and they are accompanied by humorous comments. It is very entertaining to browse through the photographs that sometimes express very bad taste.

3. Lamebook

Lamebook gathers the most absurd comments and status updates from Facebook. Makes you think twice before you post an update.

4. People of Walmart

People of Walmart gathers photos from Wallmart, witch is a giant supermarket chain in the U.S. Obviously there are a lot of people visiting the supermarkets every day, and not everyone worries about how they look.

5. Photoshop Disasters

Photoshop Disasters have a lot of great examples on how you can go wrong when using Photosop and not paying attention to what you are doing.

6. Passive Aggressive Notes

Passive Aggressive Notes has set out to collect photos of all sorts of crazy notes that have been set up in stairwells, toilets and bulletin boards.

7. I am bored

I am bored is the website to visit if you’re bored. you. Lots of funny photos and videos, and also crazy charts and graphics that enables you to play Bullshit Bingo.

8. This is Photobomb

This is Photobomb has decided to show off the internets most strange and absurd photos. If the photo looks ordinary, then take a look at the background. I’m sure you will get a laugh out of these photos.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂