Today, Microsoft releases a beta version of the new software suite Windows Live Essentials.

Windows Live Essentials is the name of several programs for Windows 7 that can be downloaded free from Microsoft. Today, an early test version of the programs in Windows Live Essentials will be made available for download.

The programs included with Windows Live Essentials are:

* Windows Live Mail
* Windows Live Messenger
* Windows Live Photo Gallery
* Windows Live Movie Maker
* Windows Live Sync
* Windows Live Writer
* Windows Live Family Safety
* Bing Bar

The new version of Windows Live Messenger now supports social networks like Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. The mail program Windows Live Mail has also been updated with many new features.

You can read more about the new features here, and Windows Live Essentials Windows Live Essentials can be downloaded from here, when made available.

No excact time has yet been announced, so keep checking back until it is released during the day.

Source: IDG News