Microsoft and NASA has produced the most detailed map of Mars to date, free for you to explore.

Microsoft Research, together with the American space agency NASA, has made available the mostdetailed mapping application for March, to date. The maps have been put together by a team at NASA who goes by the name Mapmakers.

Microsoft has worked with Mapmakers to transfer map images for Microsoft’s web service, WorldWide Telescope.

“NASA had the images and they were open to new ways to share them. Through the WorldWide Telescope we were able to build a user interface at WWT|Mars that would allow people to take advantage of the great content they had”, says Microsoft’s Dan Fay to Mashable.

Worldwide Telescope is available as a desktop Windows Client and as a Web Client that works in most browsers, that has Silverlight installed.

See this video for a quick overview of the Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.

Source: Mashable