THQ has announced a sequel to the post-apocalyptic game Metro 2033, and is also revealing that it will be in 3D.

Although it certainly has its problems, Metro 2033 is still a very enjoyable experience. The game has a relatively unique scenario, and a fantastic atmosphere.

Much of the atmosphere came from the strikingly beautiful graphics, which of course the video card manufacturer Nvidia was partially responsible for. Nvidia often used the game to promote new technology, including 3D gaming.

And it is because of further promotion of 3D technology, THQ can reveal that a sequel to Metro 2033 is on its way. During this year’s E3, the website CVG spoke with THQ’s vice president for core games, Danny Bilson:

We’re showing Metro 2033 in 3D right now, which Nvidia is showing as one of their key demo products.

We’re going to be doing a 3D version of that on Metro 2034 – the sequel. And there will be some engineering costs there, but that’s in our lowest cost centre in the world. Those games are unbelievably reasonable, they’re built in Kiev.

Some people were confused about why we’d go into a market where there’s only one percent TV’s. It’s about a great game and a plus up on the marketing side. We’re there at low risk and high quality, but, again, we’ll have to see how that market grows and what value is there.

This is what is known, so far. But meanwhile, THQ says that Metro 2033 will get a downloadable expansion pack in the near future, complete with new weapons, achievements, and a new multiplayer mode.

If you haven’t played the game yet, take a look at this Metro 2033 video review.