It’s been a good year so far for Shadowland, with lots of exciting things going on to write about. But now it is finally time for a vacation.

Summer is here and it is time to step away from the computer and get some tan. And since I’m currently the only author here, there will be no updates the next few weeks. I might decide to post a small sitrap now and then, maybe even some photos, but just for fun! So you won’t be seeing any regular stories in a while.

I want to use this opportunity to thank  you all for making Shadowland grow so fast! I’ve received a lot of feedback from you about the development of the site. I will appreciate if you use the comment section below each posts or use the contact form to send me an email with feedback about what you want to read more (or less) about. If there is anything else you wan’t me to add or remove on the site, I will be more than happy to hear from you.

Meanwhile, I recommend you to take a look in the Archives, to see if there is anything you might have missed. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed, to get notified when a new story is posted. Feel fre to use the new Shadowland Widget, to stay updated. It’s a neat little widget you can put on your own blog or website.

And if you for some reason haven’t noticed yet, I’ve added a toolbar at the bottom of the site. You can translate the page to your own language and share stuff you like with your friends via the most poular social networking sites.

You can also visit my Twitter and Facebook account by clicking this toolbar, and coose to follow, if you wish.

But probably the most fun about this toolbar is that it includes some tech and game videos by IGN on YouTube…

… and if that doent kill some of your time, there is also some very addictive games to play.

So check out the new toolbar on the bottom of this site, it is a lot of fun! I can add more features as well, but I am trying to keep it as clean as possible, but still with some interactive features.

And if you are still bored, you should check out Shadowland TV, that includes all videos ever posted on Shadowland, and then some of my personal videos…

I am also working on setting up a chat function for visitors to interact while they are on my site, and it will then be possible to connect and chat with your MSN buddies, Twitter connections, Facebook friends, and more, directly from this site. But I am afraid that would be to intrusive? Let me know what you think about that.

Also I want to set up a forum, but first I would like som feedback as to which topics would be of interest to discus, before I set it up. This is going to be a members only area, but there will also be some extra bonus material there, which will not be available for non registrerd users.

If you still want to keep in touch with me, them just add my personal Facebook Profile to your friends list, so you can read all my not so serious updates, as well. But please write “Shadowland” in the comment, that will make it easier for me to sort my friends list.

I wish you all a great summer and I will see you soon! 🙂