According to a study by Texas A&M International University, young adults who play violent video games handle stress better than non-playing adults.

Contrary to what many believe, violent video games can counteract both stress and depression, says a U.S. professor. Researchers at Texas A&M International University recently conducted a study on violent video games and stress.

The subjects, 103 young adults was given a frustrating task, and then a random number of them got to play the video game, Hitman. The result showed that those who played the video game showed less tendency to stress and depression afterward, than the others.

Christopher Ferguson, who led the study say that videogames can counteract anger and depression, a finding that differs to what many other studies suggest.

The article on the research appears in the “European Psychologist” 2010, Volume 15, and is entitled “The Hitman Study: Violent Video Game Exposure Effects on Aggressive Behavior, Hostile Feelings, and Depression.