South Korean psychiatrists say they have successfully reduced computer game addiction by using the antidepressant Bupropion.

Wired writes about a study at Chung Ang University in South Korea, which tested eleven people who were dependent on video games (they played Starcraft on average four hours per day). Two of them had ended up in divorce due to their gaming.

The group received the antidepressant medicein Bupropion and smoking cessation assistance for six weeks. After the test period the group’s craving to play StarCraft declined by 23.6 percent and the total playing time decreased by 35.5 percent. Now, with StarCraft II awaits another challenge for the dependent, insecure about how they cope with that.

Video game addiction is a serious problem in South Korea, according to authorities as many as two million Koreans (1 in 10 internet users) is addicted.

Source: IDG News