Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook has recently filed a trademark application to protect the word “Face”.

Facebook has now started to put some real pressure on other companies that have similar names as the popular social network. Facebook is currently in litigation with Teachbook and has already won a case against the Placebook.

According to news site TechCrunch , it’s not just the suffix “book” that is annoying Facebook. The company has recently submitted an application to trademark the word “Face”. Facebook has already bought a previous application for an order from the British company

Should Facebook be given a trademark on “Face” it could be very problematic for the FaceCash payment service. FaceCash is a company belonging to Aaron Greenspan, one of the former founders of Facebook.

Facebook and FaceCash has already been involved in a dispute concerning the name of Facebook. Aaron Greenspan tried last year to get the name Facebook back, but the two sides finally reached a settlement.

In addition to the word “Face”, Facebook has also submitted 14 applications for trademarking the word “Like”.

Source: IDG News