A new scam that spreads false status updates has appeared on Facebook. Beware!

Facebook users has for a long time been able to use use a special “like” button to show appreciation for friends’ status updates and messages.

In recent days, however, a new application has appeared on Facebook purporting to be a “Dislike” button. With this button the user should be able to do the opposite: Dislike status updates and messages…

According to the security company Sophos it is a scam! Those who install this button will instead spread false status updates from their Facebook account.

The Dislike button button is spread through status updates which appears to come from friends on the social service with the following message:

If the user selects to install the button, the application will infect the user’s Facebook account and pass on a message like the one above or the one below to people on the users friends list.

The application will, according to Sophos, not do any harm other than to try to spread the messages. If you have been affected by the application, you can easily remove it in the account settings in Facebook.

Source: IDG News