Mozilla has now released an alpha version of the company’s first mobile browser for Android.

Mozilla’s mobile browser, Fennec 2.0, has previously been available as a trial version for some of Nokia’s mobile phones. On Friday, Mozilla released a so-called alpha version for both Android and Nokia N900.

Fennec is the codename for Firefox Mobile, and it is, according to Mozilla, the first mobile browser that will have support for add-ons. Fennec also relies on the same technology found in the upcoming Firefox 4, which is currently available in a beta version.

Among other things, Fennec will get support for Firefox Sync, a new technology that makes it possible to synchronize the settings and bookmarks in Firefox between computers. Firefox Sync was introduced in the latest beta version of Firefox 4, which was released last week.

Fennec is not yet available for all phones that run the Android operating system. Mozilla has released a list of phones that are compatible with the current test version of the browser. You can check if your phone is compatible here.

Mozilla has not indicated when the final version of Fennec will be available, but the company hopes to release a first beta version sometime in September.

Here is a video demonstrating the Fennec Alpha for Android and Nokia N900 with Android 2.0 or above.

Source: IDG News