Google increases the pressure in their fight against Facebook. In recent weeks, Google has invested in two new companies.

After closing down their social service Wave, Google has taken another step in the social media-war on Facebook. The latest is the acquisition of the two companies Jambool and Slide.

It was during last week, just 48 hours after the company announced that Wave is closed, that Google presented the first acquisition, Slide, which, according to Reuters is estimated to cost $182 million.

Google’s Engineering Director, David Glazer, comments the purchase of Slide at the company’s blog:

Slide has already created compelling social experiences for tens of millions of people across many platforms, and we’ve already built strong social elements into products like Gmail, Docs, Blogger, Picasa and YouTube.

As the Slide team joins Google, we’ll be investing even more to make Google services socially aware and expand these capabilities for our users across the web.

The second acquisition is Jambool and above all their Social Gold, a service that allows app developers to build in payment solutions for applications and games. Google has so far not commented the acquisition of Jambool, an acquisition expected to cost $70 million.