Gamereactor’s Christian Gaca travelled to Italy to meet up with the folks at Milestone to find out more about WRC: FIA World Rally Championship.

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Gamereactor met with Black Bean’s Game Director Fabio Paglianti to get more details on the first WRC game in a long time to find a home on platforms outside of the Playstation family.

Game Director Fabio Paglianti wants to reach higher with Black Bean Games and the WRC license.

WRC is obviously a very sophisticated game in terms of realism – you are doing a simulation. How many players can take such a level of realism? Isn’t the game automatically a niche product?

No, I don’t think so. We created a physical simulation engine for the car. All the real reactions depending on the surfaces, the bumpers or the grip are there. But we also created different layers of aid, so everyone can experience a rally game. For example, the stability aid helps you to do a powerslide without any problems. When you play the game with a steering wheel is gets more realistic of course, you can feel the gravel and hearing the skidding sound of each different wheel so you can understand when start loosing grip.

But nevertheless, the game has been created with the idea of aids, which allow every player to be a rally driver. To drive a rally car it takes a completely different style compared to a normal car. We also have a brake assistant, which brakes for you and you will learn to understand when you need to break and you can then reduce the power of that aid or completely shut it off. It’s up to the player to choose the individual driving style.

Can we choose between all cars right at the start of the game?

It’s not a must for the player to play everything in the career mode, but if you want to unlock everything in the game you have to do this. It’s your choice. But at the start of the regular game everything is available: all the cars, all the game modes, all the teams. Only in the career you start with a local class car and work your way up.

How far away are you from finalizing the game?

We are almost complete, about 90 percent. We are fixing some bugs along the tracks, some bushes that are still in the way, some trees that don’t load properly, some buildings that are not realistic enough. We are polishing, that is the main focus right now. We also put more crowds in there, more animated objects.

Having tried all the steering wheel options for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 I have realised that they all play a lot differently…

It depends on the different models, their presets and their individual characteristics.

But can you modify and adjust your very own steering wheel?

We created a system inside the controller options where you can setup the steering wheel. You can not only customize the buttons, but you can define the deadzones for the steering and the pedals. It works fine with all the steering wheels, but obviously there are some models that work better than others.

Also there are some models like the Fanatec for Xbox 360 that do not allow the game to set the Force Feedback because it’s defined by the steering wheel itself. But in general we have a lot of sliders to set up the steering wheels properly. We support about 40 steering wheels for all platforms. We cover the market very well.

Do you offer dynamic weather effects?

No, for this year we have presets. We decided to put the locations in the weather conditions they are in when the rally takes place. So it’s fixed, but each location has a very unique lightning and weather condition. The tracks look very typical, very characteristic. Grass, trees, bushes, monuments, landscapes, environment – the idea is to recreate an area and give is the look the driver has when he actually takes part in the rally.

How come the German rally doesn’t look like as if would be in Germany but like in Italy?

That area is very, very strange where the rally is in Germany. It’s the only area in Germany that I know where there is wine production in the countryside, a military base you have to cross and a city track close together. So in Trier (name of the City) we have these three locations in one rally, that is very uncommon, but it looks very similar to the original. We also included the Porta Nigra, the famous monument.

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