Chatroulette version 2.0 is finally released after several delays, but the problem with nudity has not been eliminated.

This is probably not what Andrey Ternovskiy, the founder of Chatroulette, was hoping for when he released version 2.0 of his chat site. Alexia Tsotsis from TechCrunch tested the new version right after the update and you can see her first impressions and screenshots on TechCrunch.

The first user that se connected with was doing stuff that Ternovskiy probably hoped was not possible anymore. The service is still dominated with people (mostly men) who likes to show their private parts to anyone. This has led advertisers to stay away from the site, so the and earnings from this “brilliant” service, has probably not been as high as Ternovsky would have hoped for.

The new interface is quite slow and complex, so there should be another update with a better user interface and adult filter, at least if this site wants to survive.

Source: ITavisen